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List of Printer Setting Items


  • Black-and-white data may be counted as color data if it contains any grayscale element. To count such data as black-and-white data, select [B & W] in the [Color/B&W] setting.

Setting Item



Specify the number of copies to print.

The default value is "1".

Specify up to 99.


Specify whether to print documents in color or black and white.

The default is [Color].

Paper Size

Specify the paper size.

The default is [A4 (210 x 297 mm)].

Orientation *1

Specify the orientation of the original.

The default is [Vertical].

2 Sided

Specify whether to print on both sides of the paper, and specify the binding direction.

The default is [1 Sided].


Specify whether to staple the output sheets, and specify the staple position.

The default is [Off].

Print Quality

You can specify the resolution to use when printing. The setting items and resolutions are as follows:

  • Speed Priority: 200 dpi

  • Quality Priority: 300 dpi

  • High Quality: 600 dpi

The default is [Speed Priority].


  • The default resolution setting of the machine is applied when the PDF direct print function is used for printing.


Specify whether to display the time stamp or not.


  • Displays the date the photo was taken according to the EXIF data. If there is no EXIF data, the date does not appear even if you enable this setting.

Job Type

Specify the print method. To print the file immediately, select [Normal Print].

To save the file to the machine and protect it with a password, select [Locked Print].

The default is [Normal Print].

Print User ID

Specify the user ID when setting [Job Type] to [Locked Print].

Enter up to 8 alphanumeric characters.

Locked Print Password

Specify the password when setting [Job Type] to [Locked Print].

Enter a 4 to 8-digit number.


Specify the number of pages to print on a single sheet of paper.

The default is [Off].

Start Page *2

Specify the start page of the range to print.

The default is [1].

End Page *2

Specify the end page of the range to print.

The default is the total number of pages in the PDF file.

*1 This setting can be specified for JPEG data.

*2 This setting can be specified for PDF data.


  • Operate the machine to view the print job history.