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Cloud Collaboration Workflow


  • Sending/receiving, saving, or expanding files may fail if the smart device enters sleep mode during these operations. Ensure that the smart device will not enter sleep mode during these operations.

  • Due to the specification of the operating system, RICOH Smart Device Connector may quit unexpectedly if you try to display a large-size file on the smart device. If this happens, reduce the size or resolution of the file.

1On the menu of RICOH Smart Device Connector, swipe left or right to select [Box], [Dropbox], [Google Drive], or [OneDrive].

The sign-in screen of the selected service appears.

2Enter the login credentials such as the password to sign in to the service.

3Select the file to manipulate from the list.

4To download a file, tap [Application screen illustration], and then tap [Save to App Folder].

5To use a file, tap [Print], [Project], or [Send].