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Design Policy

Products + Services

In addition to conventional product design (products), integration design (services) to provide user experiences has been increasing its importance.
We at Ricoh strive for design to make customers use our products for a long period of time through user experiences, giving them inspiration.

Expand Design Areas

Along with conventional Office business such as MFPs, printers and so on, we at Ricoh have been developing into the service business, industrial business, and new business that includes visual communication products to respond to commercial printing business, consumer business, and new work styles.
As customer usage, needs, behaviors and other customer characteristics in each business are different, we need to change designs. Ricoh will keep providing designs that suit customers.

"Conveying", "Communicating"

A user experience newly created through "Products + Services" is one that customers will experience for the first time.
"Conveying" and "Communicating" value to customers has also been increasing its importance as a role of design.