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Design Perfection

The designer is an intelligent hub for connecting everything

In harmony with the environment

Morohoshi's image for this project was a water basin. The surface of water is in harmony with nature and reflects the sky and plants. The surface of a Japanese garden pond is calm, with a transparent surface that mirrors the environment of the garden, causing the pond and the garden to blend together.
"Images cast from the projector are displayed on the upper surface of the main unit and in harmony with surrounding objects. The images do not stand out, but fit naturally with the surroundings. The images displayed and the user are important, not the machine. I wanted to design the machine so that users are excited to use it."
Product design can be in harmony with nature and invigorate users during use. Morohoshi believes that such product design encourages long-term product use.

Interest in things that contras

Morohoshi is inspired by being exposed to both "natural objects" and "artificial objects". He likes to climb mountains to observe nature and scenery. He also likes to look at the mechanical details of cars. Presently, he is interested in binoculars. Binocular lenses present close views of objects that are located far off in the distance. "Images through the naked eye and binocular lenses are both virtual and real." Natural objects and artificial objects, virtual images and real images -- Morohoshi is inspired by things that contrast.
He is also interested in filmmaking. "Filmmaking is enjoyable. Many people can perceive what I feel through watching my films and I can present images from my mind." Morohoshi has created image sequences that resemble promotional films. The films are intended to create new possibilities for projectors.
A water basin provides "natural images" and films provide "artificial images" in the near future. Again, two elements that contrast.

New shape, new uses

PJ The PJ WX4130 includes new features that have never been available before. Previously, a projector was placed at a distance from the screen, and shadows were inadvertently displayed on the screen due to people or objects located between the projector and the screen. Furthermore, the horizontal shape of the projector was annoying when placed on a table.
By capitalizing on ultra short-focus technology, Morohoshi was able to design a brand-new vertical projector. "I wanted to design this projector so that it is unlike any other projector", he said.
The projector can be placed close to a wall. It can be easily carried and is compact. "I'd like to suggest various usages for this projector", he said, showing illustrations for different purposes. Changing shapes creates new usages and value. We wonder what new experiences this projector will provide its users.

Ideas from new perspectives

"I dedicated a lot of energy on this louver." The louver he is referring to is on the machine's side surface and is used to exhaust heat from the machine. Ventilation from the louver is very important. However, if the louver provides good ventilation, it may also risk exposing too much of the machine's internal parts. Exposed internal parts can be surprisingly noticeable. To provide good louver ventilation and make the internal parts less noticeable, Morohoshi observed car grills. Ideas can be obtained from observing completely unrelated objects. With this in mind, he proudly asks, "The internal parts aren't noticeable, are they?"
Morohoshi is not concerned with only product design. He also cares about everybody involved in the product development. "An in-house designer is an intelligent hub, so he or she must communicate with everybody involved in the product development."
He created a symbol for the members of his product team so that they could concentrate on their challenges and also enhance their motivation. The symbol looks like sunbeams that are cast in various directions -- it indicates that a product is created by concentrating all members' efforts together. Morohoshi's concern for detail is broad and includes product design and the different approaches of those involved in projects.

Technology information: Free-Form Mirror and Deflection Technology for Ultra-Close-Range Projection