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Design Fields

Product Design

Along with providing beautiful shapes to products and enhanced usability, we are engaged in designing to influence customers' unconscious actions or senses. We also provide visualization to business concepts or product concepts. For this we have adopted ethnography, design thinking, scene drawings, and swift mock designs. Furthermore, in design research, we are active in pursuing more high style design.

Interaction Design

We design consistent impressions and usability in all instances of operation such as in the main unit of a product, smart devices, computer screens, and so on. Also, we aim for universal usability for comfortable operations by a range of people and reliability in building so that people feel comfortable when using our products. We are involved in interface design to impress customers.

User Experience Research

Aiming to realize product usability and convenience, we conduct user surveys to identify customer behavior and usability evaluation for prototypes. Aside from this, in development projects, we analyze requests for customers' touch points in general, being involved in determining usability to respond to various usage scenes.

Promotion Design

We design for conveying/communicating values of products and/or services in a straightforward manner in all scenes including catalogs, exhibitions, showrooms, web sites, together with SNS and events.
In order to design, we learn concepts and view promotions comprehensively from customer perspectives, committed to realize brand images of products as a whole.

Document Design

Considering that planning, documentation, and translation of operation instructions are essential to realize the Ricoh value of "Simplify your life & work", we position them as a design function. Paying attention not only to "accuracy" of information but also to "retrievability" and "usability", we are committed to provide user-friendly operation instructions which customers are prompted to use actively.

User Interface Terminology Design

Terms displayed on the operation screen are interfaces between Ricoh products and customers who use these products. Types of interfaces include names of functions and keys, choices, messages and so on. From customer perspectives, for customers to smoothly perform operations they want, we focus on making terminology expression understandable for each language.