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Ricoh Group Code of Conduct

2. Providing value beyond customer and society's expectations


The Ricoh Group will develop and provide products and services that are useful in the world to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people and the development of a sustainable society, keep customers feeling secure and satisfied forever and continue to use and pursuit of impressive quality.
Also, by solving social issues through business activities, the Ricoh Group will actively engage in activities to aim at the growth of business and society both. ​

(1) We solve the customer's problems.​

Officers and Employees shall actively seek to understand the customer's problems, and must devote themselves to solving or ameliorating those problems.​

(2) We earn the customer's trust.​

Officers and Employees, in developing the products and services they provide to the customer, shall consider quality, safety, the security of information, reliability, environmental preservation and ease of use.

(3) We seek ever higher customer satisfaction.​

Officers and Employees shall always assess the degree of customer satisfaction, and shall work to improve products and services so as to achieve higher satisfaction.​​

(4) Try to solve social problems through business​.

Officers and Employees shall recognize the world from a social perspective and shall contribute to the efforts to solve social issues through the business activities by taking advantage of behavior and skills of the individual, and the business resources. ​​​

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