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Corporate Value

Corporate value integral to business growth

The Ricoh Group is always working to provide new value to stakeholders through corporate activities and to be a constructive part of solutions to issues that concern customers and society as a whole. As a group, we will strive to achieve continuous business growth and raise corporate value ever higher.

Cycle of improvement for ­corporate value

Companies invest copious amounts of capital and management resources to run their businesses and generate all sorts of value.
To us, at Ricoh, corporate value means responding to the various expectations of stakeholders and delivering value that extends to all stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees and society at large, and by raising value for each stakeholder we ultimately raise corporate value as well.
To boost corporate value, we undertake activities in accordance with management strategies based on core value perceptions and structures.
A key element in the equation is The RICOH Way, which establishes the value perceptions that form the foundation for all we do. Corporate governance, with The RICOH Way as a cornerstone feature, accords us the ability to ensure that business activities are being properly executed, and it underpins sound and highly transparent management practices. Then there are our three value drivers—­technological strengths, customer contact capability and sustainable environmental management—that fuel our business growth, and we will apply these drivers in promoting activities to realize the two basic business strategies of the 18th MTP, which are to reinforce and develop earnings power for core businesses and achieve growth by creating new profit generators.
By reinvesting surplus capital and management resources derived through these efforts, we perpetuate the cycle that constantly drives corporate value higher.

*1 ‌Expenditures for property, plant and equipment

*2 Amount recorded under Cash Flows from Investing Activities in the Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows

Measures to boost ROE

Road map to boost ROE

Road map to boost ROE

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We aim to enhance shareholder value by using shareholders’ equity efficiently and becoming very profitable. We therefore formulated a roadmap to boost return on equity (ROE). We are accordingly striving to enhance profitability and asset efficiency while maintaining suitable capital levels to deliver proper shareholder returns.
In fiscal 2016, ROE declined 0.7 percentage point, to 5.8%. The principal factor was lower earnings because of adverse market conditions from intensified competition and the impact of foreign exchange fluctuations, which offset gains from asset reviews.

Thoughts on return to shareholders

We will bolster our financial reserves to solidify our financial position and cultivate new businesses. At the same time, we look to steadily lift our consolidated dividend payout ratio from around 30%, to about 50%, to return more earnings to shareholders.

Dividends per share/Dividend payout ratio

Fostering our people worldwide through “The RICOH Way”

We endeavor to ensure that all of the Ricoh Group’s 110,000 employees worldwide embrace “The RICOH Way,” which is fundamental to consistently delivering the same value proposition to customers worldwide. Sharing values empowers our diverse people to demonstrate their individuality and respect each other in their efforts, contributing to a corporate culture that fosters flexible ideas and innovation. Ensuring that all of our employees have real purposes in life and can reach their potential is vital for Ricoh to continue growing sustainably. We aim to tackle the challenges of social change and intensifying competition by materializing the true value of our people, further enhancing our corporate value.

Diversity and work-life management

Fostering a caring, appreciative corporate culture through The RICOH Way Recognition Program

Fiscal 2015 RICOH Way Excellence Award

The RICOH Way Excellence Top Award in FY2015

Once a year, we recognize outstanding efforts among Group employees in keeping with the spirit of The RICOH Way. We have three prize programs. These are The RICOH Way Award, The Star Supporter Award, and The Giving Back Award. Prizes honor those whose activities conspicuously contribute to new customer value or innovation in keeping with the values statement of The RICOH Way. The program thus seeks to lift employee morale and foster a caring, appreciative corporate culture. Another goal with these awards is to share success stories from The RICOH Way that everyone in the Group can learn from.


The Ricoh Group has positioned CSV as a growth strategy for resolving social issues by delivering new value through business. We will seek solutions to social issues that are focuses of Sustainable Development Goals*2 through technology, products and services, personnel and other Groupwide resources. We look for our efforts to also lead us to new markets and new customers and contribute to innovation-oriented businesses.

*1 CSV
CSV stands for “creating shared value,” a business concept introduced by Harvard professor Michael E. Porter, a leading authority on competitive strategy, and Mark Kramer in a Harvard Business Review ­article. The core concept of CSV is that the competitive strength of a company and the health of communities around it are inter-reliant. So by addressing social needs and challenges, corporations can create value for their businesses as well as society.

*2 Sustainable Development Goals
The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development include ending poverty and starvation, enhancing education opportunities, and tackling energy and climate change issues.

CSV initiatives

Supporting education in IndiaEducational support in India
Class using projector


Sustainable environmental management (since 1998)
● BOP (Base of the Pyramid) project in India (since 2010)
● Educational support in India (since 2011)
● Exploring business opportunities to contribute to food security and efficiency business in Indonesia (since 2015)

Social contribution activities ­undertaken with commitment and responsibility

Within the Ricoh Group, we implement social contribution activities with commitment and responsibility in focus areas—raising the next generation, global environmental conservation and community development—to address social issues with global impact. In addition, we have set up a social contribution reserve system to ensure a stable source of funds for activities; and with the approval of shareholders, we have set aside an amount equal to 1% (up to ¥200 million) of consolidated profit after dividends for social contribution activities.

Commitment to social contribution

Ena-no-Mori (Ena Forest) projectEna-no-Mori (Ena Forest) project
Nature class for young children as part of Ena forest conservation project

Activities funded by the social contribution reserve

● Donations to the New Technology Development Foundation (since 1999)
● Forest ecosystem conservation projects (since 1999)
● Ricoh Science Caravan (since 2007)
● Ichimura Nature School Kanto (since 2002)
● Forest conservation project in Ena, Gifu Prefecture (since 2014)

Clarification of issues of materiality for mid- and long-term action

We seek to grow the businesses under the Ricoh Group umbrella while contributing to the sustainable development of the environment and society. Toward this end, we have clarified issues of ­materiality—key social issues—in line with stakeholder expectations and reflect these issues in our sustainable CSR and environment-oriented activities.
In identifying issues of materiality, we evaluate themes inherent in the creation of a sustainable society in terms of their importance to the business activities of the Ricoh Group and the expectations that stakeholders have for us. The results of our analysis are used for mapping purposes.
CSR measures laid out in the 18th MTP are based on these issues of materiality. Going forward, we will set key performance indicators for each issue and run through a PDCA cycle that includes reviews at our overseas bases, and thereby improve our ­performance even further.

Materiality for the Ricoh Group

Materiality matrix

Materiality matrix