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Resolving Social Issues and Creating Value

Leveraging the power of business to materialize social sustainability

We are undertaking a range of initiatives in keeping with our sustainability message, which is Driving Sustainability for Our Future. The message conveys our determination to create new value to resolve social issues and help materialize a sustainable society through business. The Ricoh Group pursues such sustainability through a Three Ps Balance—Prosperity (economic activities), People (society), and Planet (environment). We accordingly endeavor to resolve social issues through business, reinforce our operational underpinnings, and contribute to society, and will help to reach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)* agreed to by the international community.

*Sustainable development goals
This set of universal priorities and goals through 2030 under an accord with the United Nations comprises 17 goals and 169 targets.

We reduced the number of SDGs in which we are leveraging our strengths in business, services, and technologies to resolve social issues from 17, to eight. We established five key social issues (materialities) that we are tackling through business by bringing together our corporate philosophy, business strategies, and environmental management initiatives. We aim to simultaneously resolve social issues and grow our business by expanding the scope of value that we offer to encompass everything from conventional offices to wherever people work.

Ricoh Group’s materiality

Ricoh Group’s materiality

Major materiality initiatives

  • Improve productivity and support work practice changes by digitizing workplace tasks
  • Help enhance the quality of medical services and education and revitalize communities
  • Help build and maintain sustainable urban and social infrastructures
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by carefully conserving energy and using renewable energy
  • Increase resource efficiency by recycling products and harnessing recycled resources
  • Develop and supply eco-friendly products and services

We will contribute to SDGs by reinforcing our operational underpinnings. We have accorded particular emphasis to respecting human rights, promoting diversity, and ensuring work-life management. Work practice reforms are a top priority that involve all of our people. Employees with a range of backgrounds are creating environments, organizations, and structures that enable them to demonstrate their individual capabilities and translate the results of in-house efforts into products and services for customers.
We are endeavoring to meet diverse stakeholder expectations as a global enterprise and enhance corporate value over the medium through long terms. We are accordingly fostering a corporate culture that has a strong sense of mission and high ethical standards. We are also endeavoring to strengthen corporate governance and ensure management transparency and fair decision-making.

Initiatives through efforts to reinforce operational underpinnings


As well as establishing basic social contribution policies, we have partnered with various stakeholders in three priority areas. These are environmental protection, community development, and youth education. We are accordingly drawing on the strengths, human and other resources of each Group company and the exceptional knowledge and expertise of our partners.

Three priority areas and key corporate programs

● Environmental protection

We recognize that our business activities are based on the provision of biodiversity-based ecosystem services. We undertake ongoing conservation initiatives to reduce environmental impact and to maintain and enhance the earth’s ability to regenerate.

Forest conservation project in Ena Forest conservation project in Ena
Nature class for young children

● Community development

Companies are members of communities and operate with the cooperation of those communities. We endeavor to become integral to the nations and communities in which we operate and progress together. We undertake ongoing initiatives that match community needs.

BOP Project BOP Project
Educating about female hygiene

● Educating the young

It is important for societies and companies to foster the young in view of their future roles in materializing sustainable societies. We therefore undertake ongoing initiatives to help children learn and grow through educational experiences and activities.

Ricoh Science Caravan Ricoh Science Caravan
Try to be a copier machine!