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Leveraging our technological strengths to provide new value


Expanding partnerships and strategic investments

We aim to draw on the Group’s customer contact capability to better understand customers and markets while employing technological capabilities amassed over many years to cultivate new markets. We will identify business expansion potential and invest effectively to swiftly build new core operations for the Group. Prospects are particularly promising in industrial printing, which we have positioned as a key domain that can leverage inkjet head and ink technologies that are Group strengths.

Kunihiko Satoh
Director, Corporate Executive Vice President and
General Manager of New Business Development Division, Ricoh Co., Ltd.

As of November 30, 2016

Kunihiko Satoh

Sales in the industrial products domain
(JPY billion)

Net sales in the industrial products domain

MTP target

MTP target

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis

■ Seeking to create more customer value in growth domains

The Ricoh Group’s printing, optical, and image processing technologies serve in various industrial fields.
Recent years have seen markets expand significantly for industrial inkjet technology applications. We have supplied inkjet heads, ink, and other industrial products employing proprietary technology over the years. We are expanding our industrial printing businesses to cater to customer demand for printing on various media with diverse applications.
In the industrial products domain, we support factory automation and other areas with special cameras that can pinpoint subject positions, perceive color tones, and acquire information that is invisible to the human eye. We have reinforced our additive manufacturing business to step up support for customers looking to broaden their horizons through 3D modeling. We also offer thermal media for producing images and for thermal labels and other applications and semiconductors for embedding in diverse equipment.

Key businesses in industrial products domain

We are focusing on the following businesses in the industrial products domain

Key businesses Principal products and services Summary
Industrial printing

• Printing on furniture, wallpaper,
vehicle exteriors, and signage

Our technology combines inkjet heads and ink
Expand output applications to diverse media
Industrial products

• FA cameras

• Embedded units

• Super telephoto/fog reduction cameras

• Sensors

Develop special cameras that support factory automation by pinpointing subject positions, perceiving color tones, and acquiring information that is invisible to the human eye
Additive manufacturing

• 3D printer sales/3D output services
and consultation

Draw on accumulated 3D design technology to support innovation at customer manufacturing sites
Thermal media

• Thermal sheets for POS devices

• Thermal transfer ribbons

Establish thermal transfer ribbon production and sales sites in emerging nations

• Power supply ICs

Expand scope of applications with smartphone penetration and sell ICs for automotive devices

Leveraging decades of expertise in industrial printing to drive new growth

The Ricoh Group drew on its strengths in industrial inkjet heads and ink to enter the industrial printing field. The global market for printing on media other than paper is massive, and has great potential. Media include furniture, wallpaper, vehicle exteriors, furnishing fabrics, PET bottle labels, and signage. We are expanding collaboration with various enterprises and investing strategically to secure the resources we need. We collaborate with Hitachi High-Tech Fine Systems Corporation in decorative fields. We solidified our business foundations by acquiring AnaJet, a leader in direct-to-garment printers.
The Ricoh Group expects the industrial printing market to continue growing in the years ahead. We will pursue further growth, seeking to boost these sales to ¥100 billion by 2020.

Expanding profit contributions from new businesses in industrial printing

Expanding profit contributions from new businesses in industrial printing

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Delivering value by combining proprietary technologies

Our optical and industrial technologies have broad application scopes and are very useful for providing diverse products and services that help enhance the productivity of manufacturing customers and cater to their automation needs.
We supply solutions that combine proprietary core modules and manufacturing process engineering, which flexibly accommodates production changes that we have amassed in MFP manufacturing, and our quality control and other expertise. Our core modules include specialty cameras and sensors that can identify object positions and color information and rewritable laser systems that can automatically relabel mailing addresses. They also include radio frequency identification solutions that provide and manage assembly work instructions and automated picking systems that handle everything from parts picking to assembly. We bring together our capabilities in these areas to provide factory automation equipment.
Our technologies are being employed in the cameras of such automotive devices as rear view monitors, collision avoidance systems, and head-up displays. We have entered the security camera field, leveraging our optical and image processing technologies for surveillance in scenes that are not visible to the human eye.

Industrial solutions

Three main areas in industrial business domain

Three main areas in industrial business domain

RICOH RL Seriespicking systemsRICOH RL Series picking systems

Products and solutions that support factory automation

Products and solutions that support factory automation

Rewritable laser system

Security lens


FA cameras and lenses

Stereo cameras

Additive manufacturing that integrates expertise and innovative technologies

In September 2014, we embarked on an additive manufacturing business centered on 3D printers. To date, we have provided comprehensive services that encompass everything from 3D printer purchasing and sales to consulting, 3D data design, and modeling.
In April 2015, we launched RICOH Advanced Direct Manufacturing Services, which uses 3D printers to produce product parts and the jigs, molds, and other tools utilized at customer plants. RICOH Rapid Fab in Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture, has engineers and a range of 3D printers to handle parts employing specialty materials and small-lot production.
We commercialized our first branded 3D printer, the RICOH AM S5500P, in October 2015. This offering can handle high-performance materials. It can fabricate automobile parts for functional tests and parts for end products. With a large modeling area, the printer can fabricate different parts at the same time and mold large parts all at once.
We will step up efforts to provide robust support for customer manufacturing innovations through our activities, products, and services.

3D printer

RICOH Rapid Fab (Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture)RICOH Rapid Fab (Atsugi, Kanagawa Prefecture)

Objects fabricated with 3D printerObjects fabricated with 3D printer