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Product Assessment Criteria

In “Ricoh Sustainable Products Program”, individual products and services are assessed based on criteria at the five assessment axis, namely, (1) Energy Efficiency, (2) Resource Efficiency, (3) Pollution Prevention, (4) Comfort, and (5) Usability. Shown below is the overview of each assessment axis and the conditions for multifunction printer rank certification:

Five assessment axis

Assessment axis Overview
Energy Efficiency Evaluates the energy efficiency of a product, including the TEC value* and the energy consumption in sleep mode for imaging equipment. Numerical value calculated using the measurement method of the international ENERGY STAR program.
Resource Efficiency Evaluates the volume of resources that are used in the manufacturing of a product and how packaging is reduced, including the weight of the mainframe and the use of recycled materials.
Pollution Prevention Evaluates how the use of chemical substances that have an environmental impact are taken into consideration in product design, in accordance with the European RoHS Directive (Directive on the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment) etc.
Comfort Evaluates whether the impact of a product on its surroundings varies from continued use e.g. noise and emissions (dust, TVOC,UFP etc.).
Usability (Eco function) Assess whether a product possesses a function to reduce its environmental impact and specific accessibility features, and whether environmentally-friendly settings such as sleep mode can be easily accessed etc.

* Typical electricity consumption measured by the methods specified by the ENERGY STAR® Program requirements.

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Product rank certification conditions

Product rank Product rank certification conditions
Sustainable Product Rank to be given to products which can comply with government / green public procurement standard / main environmental label etc. in order to resolve Ricoh Group materiality.
Sustainable Product-Premium Rank to be given to Products that have excellent performance (industry's 'Top' or 'First' feature(s) etc.) in one of the criteria at least, and satisfy the Sustainable Products requirement as well.

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