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Goal of achieving a “circular economy”
Our Reuse and Recycling Activities

Recycling Programs

Ricoh copiers are offered mainly on a lease basis in Japan, and every leased copier is placed under Ricoh management. This system facilitates the collection of used machines, and allows us to effectively utilize resources. The know-how accumulated through this practice is also made available to Ricoh Group companies in countries where the business model differs from that of Japan to help them develop their recycling systems. As the collection of used machines involves energy- and cost-consuming transportation, if collected products are not effectively utilized, collection will create substantial losses.
Resource conservation and recycling have been twin pillars of Ricoh’s environmental conservation activities since the early 1990s, with the company working on the recycling of collected copiers, laser printers, toner cartridges, and supplies.
More than 200,000 units of our used products are collected each year in Japan, and fully recycled or reused.

Since 2010, the product design and technology divisions have focused on finding ways to enable the Ricoh Group to reuse highly functional components contained in the periodically replaced units for image products.
Moreover, to make more effective use of resources and reduce waste, Ricoh also began recycling the functional components by establishing the necessary methods and assessment technology for each of the components.
The Ricoh Group is very grateful for the understanding and cooperation of its suppliers for its recycling activities. We will continue to conduct activities to increase the number of highly functional components that can be recycled and reused in close cooperation with our business partners and suppliers.

The Ricoh Group develops recycling programs globally by region and by product.
We promote recycling programs that are most suitable for customers at different locations. One example is to provide prepaid shipping labels for collecting used cartridges free of charge.

Recycling Programs by region (Global)

Global Network for our reuse and recycling activities

The Ricoh Group is promoting the reuse and recycling of used products and cartridges collected from customers globally at group company’s site in each region.

Global Network for our reuse and recycling activities

In addition, each Ricoh Group company has established standards for selecting reliable industrial waste treatment companies that ensure the waste it discharges is properly processed by a reliable partner according the regulations of the county in which it operates. These standards include internationally recognized endorsements such as ISO14001, 9001, R2, e-Stewards certification etc.
We also conduct regular audits to reduce risk and build cooperative relationships with our partners.

Participation in Industry Organizations and Networks

Case Study in Japan

Ricoh participates in the recovered equipment exchange system run by the Japan Business Machine and Information System Industries Association (JBMIA).
Through this initiative, equipment turned in by manufacturers of copiers, MFPs and digital printers, including Ricoh, are collected at shared collection centers and returned to manufacturers, thus promoting the reuse and recycling of products in the industry overall.
There are 35 collection sites and nine exchange centers for collected machines from Hokkaido to Okinawa, covering all of Japan.

Furthermore, JBMIA is not restricted to just collecting used products; it also works to recycle used products by sharing resource recycling facilities in each area.

Case Study in Europe

In France, 17 office equipment manufacturers including Ricoh France jointly invested to establish CONIBI and contracted recovery operations to this joint company. CONIBI has created its own free collection system and promotes the recycling of toner cartridges and consumables.