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Auditing waste disposal service providers

  • Japan/Ricoh Co., Ltd.
Audit on a waste disposal service provider
Audit on a waste disposal service provider

Ricoh has been making efforts to enhance the audit of waste disposal service providers since 2005 so that waste generated by the company will be disposed of properly and appropriately by reliable partners. We established uniform audit standards for the Ricoh Group, conducted auditor training for employees engaged in waste disposal at their respective business sites, and certified them as auditors. Ricoh currently audits all the service providers that have business relations with the Group’s sites in Japan. In the event that any non-compliance is detected, the service provider is requested to make improvements, and is provided with assistance to carry them out. After a few days, a confirmation audit is conducted. In fiscal 2009, we revised our standards for service arrangements with waste disposal providers based on our audit standards. The revised standards have now been incorporated into the Ricoh Group Standards, a set of internal standards for entering new or renewing existing contracts with business partners.
We carefully conduct onsite inspections based on our own audit criteria, in order to detect any risks of illegal waste disposal that might be overlooked in inspections made through interviews or documents, thereby identifying more reliable service providers. We will cooperate with providers even more closely to further increase their service quality.