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Environmental Information System

The Sustainable Environmental Management Information System supports the decision-making process for sustainable environmental management and promotes environmentally-friendly design.

The Sustainable Environmental Management Information System is designed to identify and promote the progress of sustainable environmental management. The system utilizes the Environmental Impact Information System to collect and process data on environmental impact. The collected data are processed and analyzed to identify Eco Balance; draw up environmental action plans; support decision-making in sustainable environmental management; promote environmentally-friendly design; improve activities by each division; and disclose information to the public.

Environmental Impact Information System

This system collects and processes data on environmental impact caused by each operational process—including procurement, design, manufacturing, transportation/sales, use, maintenance/services, and collection/recycling—as well as by overall operations. Besides identifying the environmental impact of overall operations, the system automatically collects environmental data from the operational flow of each process, and such data is used to support PDCA in environmental improvement activities carried out at each process. Efforts are being made to improve the system so that it can be used more easily for data analyses and improvement activities as well as for the expansion of the items and range of collected data and improvement in precision. In fiscal 2008, we completed a system to obtain information on CO 2 emissions from the transportation phase on a global scale as well as a system to deal with the REACH Regulation.