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Communication:Environmental Communication with Stakeholders –Environmental impact reduction activities in cooperation with customers–

Demonstrating Ricoh’s own efforts toward work style innovations in our demonstration offices, “ViCreA”

  • Japan/Ricoh Co., Ltd.

We at the Ricoh Group propose a wide range of ideas to improve our customers’ operational efficiency, to make their offices more environmentally friendly, and to optimize their work style, etc., based on our own practices and experiences. To demonstrate how we “walk the talk,” our demonstration offices, “ViCreA,” are open
to customers. In these offices, we present examples of our own practices in sustainable environmental management and seven other focus areas. In addition, a tour of our actual office is offered to visitors to ViCreA, providing real-life examples of how our solution ideas can work in their offices. We have also started to share our energy-saving ideas and measures as many customers have developed a greater interest in energy conservation in the wake of the tight power supply situation caused by the earthquake and resulting nuclear plant accident in Japan.

Categories of internal practice examples presented at ViCreA
Risk management: Reducing a wide range of risks to become a stronger organization.
Effective use of information: Enhancing operational efficiency by sharing and effectively using information across the company.
Cost reduction: Eliminating waste in operations and optimizing costs.
Enhancing customer and employee satisfaction: Increasing customer satisfaction and becoming the company most valued and admired by customers. Creating a vibrant, fulfilling workplace.
Strengthening compliance efforts and social contribution activities:Fulfilling our responsibility to society and achieving business goals to enhance our corporate value. Conducting activities that will make a positive contribution to society.
Work style innovations and operational efficiency improvement:Creating a comfortable, motivating workplace. Improving operational efficiency to enhance the quality of each employee’s performance.
Sustainable environmental management: As a global citizen, operating our business in an environmentally responsible way.
Improving employee morale and performance: Offering working conditions in which employees can develop their capabilities to motivate them to achieve even better performance.

image:Tour participants can see our actual office.

Tour participants can see our actual office.

image:New type of office that enables work style innovations

New type of office that enables work style innovations