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Characters are going to jump out of the paper!

Nurie ParaPara (RICOH TAMAGO ParaPara) is a picture coloring app which runs on iPhone and iPad.First, coloring a picture and take a photo of the paper with this app, the characters you put colors on are going to jump out of the paper and play in iPhone and iPad.This app enables you to have more fun with picture coloring and new experience of picture coloring!*Only prescribed characters are available in this app.

The characters are going to jump out of the paper!

More fun on iPhone and iPad!

Characters move differently according to the coloring, as if they are real.You can play with them by feeding snacks or caress their head.

More fun on iPhone and iPad!

Create cutoff animation! (Flip book)

After you played on iPhone/iPad, you can print them out and crate cutoff animation with 48 cuts.This app provides not only picture coloring but also intellectual education with scissors and clips.

Create cutoff animation! (Flip book)

Download for free from the App Store!

The current version of Nurie ParaPara can be downloaded from Apple's App Store for free.

* Download from the link right.

Download picture sheet

Unable to print from the app, please download from here.

piyo-chan      taiga      moka      rinka

Hardware/Software Requirements/Limitations

Requirements and limitations on this application are as follows:


Hardware / OS Hardware: Apple new iPad / iPad2 / iPhone4S / iPhone4 / iPod touch 4the generationOS: iOS 5.1 / 6.0
Network No network connections are required, except printing out sheets/cutoff animations
Picture sheet Prescribed templates are already set in iPhone/iPad.
Supported printer A remotely attached printer (e.g. AirPrint/ Direct print printer) is required.


  • Please take a photo of your character in bright light. Auto shooting might not work under low light condition.
  • No voice guidance in English mode.
  • If there is no remotely attached printer, save your colored character in the camera roll of your device, and print the sheets out through PC and a local printer, or download from this site.

If you have any problems using this application, Please contact us at:

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