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image:RICOH TAMAGO Handouts

What is RICOH TAMAGO Handouts?

It may be useful to handout printed contents of power point file or web pages to discuss the contents in meetings. However we're wondering if you might think the printing process in such a case is time consuming or waisting papers. RICOH TAMAGO Handouts is an application which enables easy and direct document delivery from your PC application to iPads or iPhones digitally via WiFi just by simple “print” operation on your PC application.

image:In comparison with the front using RICOH TAMAGO Handouts

Feature of RICOH TAMAGO Handouts

Easy document delivery just by “printing” operation

Just by “printing operation” on your PC application with a special print driver, you can deliver print images directly to iPads or iPhones very easily. Registration of delivery targets of iPads/iPhones (pairing process) is also easy. You just need to show QR code on an utility software on your PC and capture the QR code by TAMAGO Handouts on target iPads/iPhones.

Simultaneous distribution to many iPads / iPhones

You can deliver printed images to multiple iPads / iPhones at the same time just by one time printing operation. It may be useful to deliver documents to many attendees during or just before meetings. You can also deliver the printed images to iPads / iPhones in other floor or other offices if the devices and your PC are in the same network and the devices are registered in advance.

Paperless presentation anywhere even without network

You can make paper-less presentations with RICOH TAMAGO Handouts anywhere even without network by delivering documents from your PC in advance.

System configuration

There are three components for this application:

1. RICOH TAMAGO e-Distribution: Print driver in distribution PC
2. RICOH TAMAGO PassIt: Document delivery utility in distribution PC
3. RICOH TAMAGO Handouts: Document viewer in iPads / iPhones

Document delivery is done directly from the distribution PC to the iPads / iPhones and paring process (target device registration) and notification of document delivery are done via cloud service

image:There are three components for RICOH TAMAGO Handouts

How to install

Following installation process are needed to use RICOH TAMAGO Handouts:
1.Install RICOH TAMAGO Handouts to iPads / iPhones
2.Install a print driver and a distribution utility to distribution PC

1.Install RICOH TAMAGO Handouts to iPads / iPhones
You can get RICOHTAMAGO Handouts from App Store for free.

* Download from the link right.

2-1.Install a driver and an distribution utility into PC

*Uncompress the files and execute “Setup.exe”.

image:Download 32bit Driver image:Download 64bit Driver

Install the print driver and the distribution utility software by uncompress the files and Uncompress the files and execute “Setup.exe”.
※Select “TAMAGO port” in port selection
※Please re-start your PC after installation. Then TAMAGO PassIt starts automatically.

How to use

1.Device (iPads/iPhone) registration (Pairing)

1.Display QR code in TAMAGO PassIt in distribution PC

image:Display QR code in TAMAGO PassIt in distribution PC

2.Select “pairing” menu in RICOH TAMAGO Handouts on iPhone / iPad. QR code reader will be displayed.
Capture QR code displayed on distribution PC.

image:Select pairing menu in RICOH TAMAGO Handouts on iPhone or iPad. QR code reader will be displayed.

3.Push renewal button on TAMAGO PassIT. Setting is done if device names of target iPads / iPhones are displayed.

image:Push renewal button on TAMAGO PassIT. Setting is done if device names of target iPads or iPhones are displayed.

2.Document distribution from PC

Perform operate printing process on your target PC application via “TAMAGO e-Distribution”print driver
Select “RICOH TAMAGO e-Distribution” in print menu and execute print.
Target device selection menu will be displayed. Please select distribution target of iPads / iPhones.
Then the document will be distributed to the target iPads / iPhones.

image:Document distribution from PC

3.Operation on iPads / iPhones

Distributed document will be displayed by touching the document icon. You can pan / zoom the document images and flip pages. You can also transfer the document to other application via OpenIn function.

image:Operation on iPads or iPhones

4.View distributed documents in PC from iPads/iPhones

If there is a PC which distributes documents in the same network domain, it will be displayed on left side of RICOH TAMAGO Handouts screen. Document list will be displayed by selecting the PC and you can get the document contents.

image:View distributed documents in PC from iPads or iPhones

Operating environment

OS: iOS7 and later
PC OS:Windows7 and later
Network Wireless LAN(Wi-Fi)-IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n(The same with WiFi network requirement of iPad/iPhone)
Internet access is required:
-iPads / iPhones when QR code reading
Notes and restrictions
  • 1.To print web pages on Internet Explore, protected mode should be off. You can change the mode in security tab of internet option menu.
  • 2.Wireless LAN(Wi-Fi)-IEEE
    If you cannot download document even distribution process is suceeded, please check whether Windows Firewall is blocking TAMAGO PassIt utility or not. If it blocks, please remove the block setting.
  • 3.TAMAGO PassIt is using proxy setting in Internet Explore. In proxy network environment please set proxy information in your Internet Explore.
    Where proxy is needed.
  • 4.Distributed document in PC can be viewed and downloaded anytime from all TAMAGO Handouts in the same domain network. You can stop it by deleting the opening files from “RICOH TAMAGO Handouts” folder in “My document” folder of login user.

Please contact us via e-mail about system trouble or your questions about this application.

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