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RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan

A print and scan app that expands the business uses of smart devices RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan

Important Notice

Support for the RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan application ended on April 30, 2018, and the app was removed from the App Store and the Google Play Store.
Please use the successor application, RICOH Smart Device Connector
Note: The Print Settings, Scan Settings, Authentication Settings, and the devices registered in the RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan app such as MFPs, printers, and print servers can be imported to the RICOH Smart Device Connector app.

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The use of smart devices is expanding in a wide range of business environments. In order to effectively leverage the convenience and versatility of smart-devices in the utilization of documents and images, users are looking for flexible and secure collaboration between smart devices and multifunction products and printers. RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan is a smart device app able to perform printing and scanning by easily and securely connecting smart devices and multifunction products and printers. It is also able to print data residing in cloud storage and upload scanned data to cloud storage. Supporting work styles not bound by the constraints of location, RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan will make your business even smarter.

* Wireless Direct connections are only supported by models with Smart Operation Panel.
Please see the "Wireless Direct-Capable Models" below for models which support Wireless Direct.
Data from the "Print Web Pages", "Print from Cloud", and "Import with Scanner" functions cannot be stored to the cloud via Wireless Direct.
An access point (Wi-Fi router) is required for all other models.



Network Connection Method

Models supported

Before printing

RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan App is free and it can be downloaded from the following locations

App Store

RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan App for iPad/iPhone

Download directly from the App Store using your iPhone or iPad device. *iTunes installation is necessary.

RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan

Google play

RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan App for Android based devices

Download directly from the Apps section on theGoogle PlayTM.

RICOH Smart Device Print&Scan

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Download Manual

For iPad/iPhone

For Android based devices