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Registering a Smart Device in the MFP's User Information

Add the unique number that is specific to a certain smart device to the user information that is registered in the address book of the MFP.

1Check that the Bluetooth function of the smart device is enabled.

2On the operation panel of the machine, display the authentication screen of Quick Card Authentication.

3On the menu of RICOH Smart Device Connector, swipe left or right to select [Login to MFP].

4Tap [Login / Logout].

5Tap the Bluetooth label on the operation panel of the machine with the smart device.

6Enter the login user name and password of the user to which to register the smart device, and press [Register].

The number that is specific to the smart device is registered in the user information.

7Press [Confirmation].


  • [Login to MFP] appears when “ON” is selected in [Login to MFP] under [Navigation Display Item] on the [Settings] menu.

  • You cannot register to the MFP by holding the smart device near its operation panel while the MFP is in sleep mode.

  • If another smart device is registered to the user who already has a registered smart device or IC card, the previously registered device or IC card will be overwritten.