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Registering MFP / Printer, Projector, Whiteboard


  • When registering and MFP/Printer, connect the machine and smart device to the same network before performing the following procedure.

1On the menu of RICOH Smart Device Connector, swipe left or right to select [Connect Machine].

2Tap the icon of the machine to which to connect.

3Tap [Add Machine].

4Select the method to add the machine.

  • Add by QR code *

    Read the QR code of a machine to add it.

  • Add with Bluetooth *

    Tap the Bluetooth label on the control panel of a machine to add it.

  • Add by IP Address / Host Name

    Specify the IP address or host name of a machine to add it.

  • Search & Add Machine

    Perform a search for a machine on the same network as the smart device to add the machine.

* You cannot use these functions on an MFP/printer with the standard operation panel.

5Tap [Register] as required.


  • [Connect Machine] appears when “ON” is selected in [Connect Machine] under [Navigation Display Item] on the [Settings] menu.