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The smart device did not respond when you touch the NFC tag of the machine.

The NFC tag affixed on the machine was not tapped firmly with the NFC reader of the smart device.

Make sure to tap the NFC tag affixed on the machine firmly with the NFC reader of the smart device.

A QR code could not be read.

  • Move the smart device closer or further from the operation panel to adjust the focus.

  • The lens of the camera was dirty. Clean the lens of the camera, and then read the QR code again.

  • The Smart Operation Panel's screen reflects light. Avoid exposing the Smart Operation Panel's screen to light.

The machine does not respond even when you place the smart device near the Bluetooth label on its operation panel.

  • The connection may become unavailable when you perform one of the following operations after the Bluetooth connection is established:

    • The Bluetooth Authentication Plugin that is installed on the machine has been disabled and enabled again

    • The Bluetooth connection function of Smart Device Connector that is installed on the machine has been disabled and enabled again

    If this occurs, disable and enable the Bluetooth connection on your smart device, and try again.

  • If another application that uses “8080” to accept a connection as a server is running on your smart device, the device may fail to establish a connection to the machine. On the operation panel of the machine, open the [Smart Device Connector] screen, and then select a port number other than “8080” in [Set Port].

  • In Android 6.0 or later, the Bluetooth connection of the device is disabled if its Location setting is turned off. Select "High accuracy", "Battery saving", or "Device only" for Location mode.

Could not connect to Web Image Monitor.

If an Internet connection is established using a proxy server on an intranet, connecting to Web Image Monitor is not possible.

If this occurs, modify the related setting such as the exception setting in the proxy management file or MDM to rectify the network environment.

A password was lost.

Contact your administrator. A password cannot be recovered if you lose it.

Install RICOH Smart Device Connector again.

All data stored in the RICOH Smart Device Connector folder will be deleted when you install the software again.

A device that is placed next to your smart device responds unintendedly when Bluetooth connection is enabled.

Depending on the signal strength of surrounding devices, an unintended device may be detected.

When placing multiple Bluetooth devices side by side, leave a distance of 1 meter or more between them.

The camera, photo album, address book, or folders of a smart device cannot be accessed when Android 6.0 or later is running on it.

From the configuration screen of the operating system, open the application settings screen, and then configure the privilege to be granted to RICOH Smart Device Connector.