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Errors Common to Printer/Scanner/Fax/Copier

An error occurred. Please check the status of the machine.

An error such as a machine internal error that cannot be resolved in the application occurred.

  • Check the machine.

  • Restart the machine if necessary.

See the machine's manual.

Failed to authenticate the machine. Please check the authentication settings and try again.

  • The specified user name and password are incorrect. Check the user name and password specified for the application, and then try again.

  • User code authentication was used for the copier, scanner, or fax function. User code authentication cannot be used for the copier, scanner, and fax functions. It is available for the printer function only.

The machine cannot be operated from this device while another user is changing the machine's settings or logging on. Please try again later.

The machine cannot be accessed while the settings screen is displayed or another user is logging in.

  • Close the setting screen on the machine's control panel.

  • Log off from the machine's control panel.

See the machine's manual.