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Using a Smart Device to Log in to the MFP

1Check that the Bluetooth function of the smart device is enabled.

2On the operation panel of the machine, display the authentication screen of Quick Card Authentication.

3On the menu of RICOH Smart Device Connector, swipe left or right to select [Login to MFP].

4Tap [Login / Logout].

5Tap the Bluetooth label on the operation panel of the machine with the smart device.

The smart device is connected with the machine, and login is now complete.


  • [Login to MFP] appears when “ON” is selected in [Login to MFP] under [Navigation Display Item] on the [Settings] menu.

  • If the Bluetooth connection to the machine is unstable, tap [Bluetooth Sensitivity Settings] in the "Now searching MFP" screen, and adjust the Bluetooth sensitivity.

  • For details about the Bluetooth sensitivity settings, see Adjusting the Bluetooth Sensitivity Settings.