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Printing from the print server

1On the menu of RICOH Smart Device Connector, swipe left or right to select [MFP / Printer].

2Tap [Print].

3Select the location of the file to print from [Album], [App File Folder] or other locations, and tap [Apply].

4Tap [Print Settings].

5Configure settings such as the number of copies to print and paper size.

6Specify the destination.

Check that [Print Server] is displayed in the upper part of the screen. If a different destination is displayed, tap [Application screen illustration], and then select [Print Server] from the list under [Connect Machines on Same Network].

When the information of the print server is not registered, tap [Application screen illustration] to configure the print server. For details, see the procedures from Step 3 onward on Registering the print server.

7Tap [Start].