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Writing the network settings to the NFC tag of the Whiteboard

1On the menu of RICOH Smart Device Connector, swipe left or right to select [Settings].

2Tap [Write data to NFC tag].

3Tap [Whiteboard].

4Tap [Write data to NFC tag].

5Tap [Next].

6Touch [Operation panel screen illustration] that is displayed on the whiteboard screen, and then touch [Use QR Code] to display the QR code on the whiteboard.

7Read the QR code with the camera of the smart device.

8Enter the administrator password for the whiteboard in [Administrator User Password].

9Enter [External App Connctn. Password] when the External Application Connection Password is enabled on the whiteboard.

10If necessary, select the [Enter Detailed Information] check box, and enter the network information such as the SSID, security settings and password that are used to write data to NFC tags.

11Tap [Write], and then tap the NFC tag that is affixed on the whiteboard with the smart device.


  • You can manually configure the settings without reading the QR code by pressing [Operation panel screen illustration] on the QR code scanning screen, and then tapping [Manual Configuration].