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Writing the Network Settings to the NFC Tag of the Projector

1Enable the Wi-Fi connection of your smart device, and connect to the network the projector connects to.

2On the menu of RICOH Smart Device Connector, swipe left or right to select [Settings].

3Tap [QR Code Print].

4Tap [Next].

5Tap [Input Data Manually & Print QR Code], and enter the administrator password and IP address of the projector.

If an NFC tag that contains the IP address and administrator password of the projector is available, acquire the information by reading the NFC tag.

6If necessary, select the [Enter Detailed Information] check box, and enter the network information such as the SSID, security settings and password that are used to write data to NFC tags.

7Tap [Print Settings] and print the QR code from the MFP or printer.

8After printing the QR code, swipe left or right on the menu of RICOH Smart Device Connector and select [Settings].

9Tap [Write data to NFC tag].

10Tap [Projector].

11Tap [Write data to NFC tag].

12Tap [Next].

13Read the QR code with the camera of the smart device.

14Tap [Write] and tap the NFC tag affixed on the projector with the smart device.


  • To view or change the setting information to be written to an NFC tag, tap [Operation panel screen illustration] on the QR code scanning screen, and then tap [Manual Configuration].

  • Users can easily access the projector from a smart device without a built-in NFC reader by affixing the QR code that was used to write information to the NFC tag on the projector.