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To Administrators

RICOH Smart Device Connector allows users to use machine functions from a smart device.

The user can connect to the machine from RICOH Smart Device Connector using one of the following methods:

Confirming the Network Connection Methods

RICOH Smart Device Connector connects to the machine either through an access point in the Intranet or by using the machine's Wireless Direct function.

The Wireless Direct function allows users who cannot access the Intranet to connect directly to the machine and use RICOH Smart Device Connector.


  • You cannot use the Wireless Direct function on an MFP/printer with the standard operation panel.

Configuring the Security Settings

Users are easily connected to the machine by using RICOH Smart Device Connector.

  • Configure the security settings of the machine according to the security policy of your environment.

  • Configure the administrator access control, so that only the administrator can modify the default settings of the machine.


  • Some parts of this manual are written in English.