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RICOH360 Projects

RICOH360 Projects
Digitize the Entire Work Site Using 360-Degree Images

Challenges on your important jobsites

Sharing your jobsites information with various stakeholders is the key to sucess, yet still hard to achieve.

  • People off-site cannot understand the situation unless they visit in-person. It is difficult to communicate using only regular 2D photos.
  • Many people visit the jobsite frequently and have to return to take photos that were missed on previous trips.

There are also fewer opportunities to physically visit the work site during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your Reality Capture & Communication Platform

RICOH360 Projects is a cloud-based service that optimizes business conducted at the jobsite by sharing the entire situation using immersive 360-degree views.
You can accurately communicate the situation at a work site to people who are not there using 360-degree images. An image can be taken in a single shot with a RICOH THETA camera, uploaded seamlessly to the cloud, and then shared. Ricoh provides an end-to-end user-friendly experience that is achieved by providing a complete solution under one global brand.

Our Key Concepts

Easy to shoot

Easy to shoot

You can acquire 360-degree images just by shooting with a RICOH THETA camera. The entire space is recorded in a single shot.

Easy to organize

Easy to organize

You can link the shooting location just by touching the drawing displayed on a tablet. Document progress views directly from the jobsite quickly and easily.

Easy to share

Easy to share

Images are automatically uploaded to the cloud. You can access progress views remotely from mobile and web browsers without the need for specialized software.

Watch How to Use Immersive Views of Your JobSite

Optimize Work Flow at a Construction Site with RICOH360 Projects

Ensure the communication for the full life cycle of the construction. Support work performed by various construction workers, including remote workers.

Progress updates with remote stakeholders


Site survey


We Have You Covered

Capture the Entire scene, Simply Organize, Share with your Stakeholders.

Improving worker efficiency

  • Reduce countless visits to the jobsite by eliminating risk of missing key angles.
  • Improve work flow by attaching 360-degree images on your drawings directly when you capture at the jobsite.
  • Improve work flow by adding notes directly at anytime to 360-degree images.

Remote worker efficiency

  • Generate 360-degree immersive digital progress views with a sense of reality as if you're actually there.
  • Allows you to understand locations using images registered on the drawing.
  • Reduces the number of visits to the work site from far away.

Transforming into "New Way of Work" at jobsite

Why Choose RICOH360 Projects?

Hardware-optimized user experience (UX)
Hardware-optimized user experience (UX)
Ricoh provides a complete all-in-one user-friendly solution with the platform and camera developed under one global brand. From compatibility to automatic upgrades we have you covered.
A pioneer of the 360-degree service
A pioneer of the 360-degree service
Since the launch of RICOH360 Tours a virtual tour solution for real estate Ricoh has become a trusted leader in the industry. RICOH360 Projects responds to customer requirements in the AEC industry.
Reassurance unique to Ricoh
Reassurance unique to Ricoh
You can feel confident using Ricoh's cloud-based service. A leading Japanese office equipment manufacturer and innovator in 360-degree capture and software development.

How to Use


Click here when applying to use the demo version or requesting documentation.

Free plan

100 account is available for up to 250 images.
The service can be used for up to 2 weeks from the first day you start to use it.