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RICOH Intelligent Workplace Services

RICOH Intelligent Workplace Services is a platform offering integrated cognitive solutions that help companies collaborate across borders. Using existing infrastructure and their preferred devices employees capture ideas, make decisions and complete tasks. This way, no information gets lost and the data is collected in a structured way, providing better insights into discussions.

Productivity Challenges

In the modern world employees spend a significant part of their work day in meetings and on related tasks, but much of these aren’t productive: one third of meeting time does not add value and almost 90% of all information is lost once the meeting is over. Furthermore, arranging participants’ schedules, booking meeting rooms and setting up teleconference systems takes quite some time – these are minor but tiresome and manual tasks.

Time an average employee spends in meetings per week
One third of meeting time is NOT productive
Almost ALL meeting information is lost


Increase Meeting Productivity

Increase Meeting Productivity

Less workload before, during, and after meetings - especially for organizers. More efficient preparation, facilitation, and wrap-up achieved.

Increase Meeting Productivity

Encourage Smooth Communication and Collaboration

Connect instantly with partners around the world to discuss ideas and share images thanks to the Interactive Whiteboard embedded telecommunication system.
No more miscommunication – share your information before and after meetings so that no one is left out of the loop. Visualize and track team action items in real time.

Increase Meeting Productivity

Facilitate Prompt Decision-Making

Assist in making decisions, creating action items, assigning owners and setting deadlines quicker. Engage and motivate participants by making meetings more productive.

Why Ricoh?

Ricoh has long been a provider of high quality office solutions. By connecting Ricoh devices with our partners’ A.I. engines and collaboration tools, we are creating an innovative way of working for our customers ensuring their communication systems are always tuned to deliver value.

Why Ricoh?
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