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New RICOH THETA model, capturing 360-degree images in one shot, is on sale soon

- Spherical video function, API and SDK (beta version) now available -

Tokyo, October 28, 2014—Ricoh Company, Ltd. announced today that it has developed a new model of the RICOH THETA, an input device that allows users to capture the area all around them in a single spherical image. The new spherical camera, which can also capture spherical videos, will be marketed by Ricoh Imaging Company, Ltd. from November 14.

Since its launch last year as the world's first image input device*1, the RICOH THETA has opened a new world of imaging possibilities. Users can shoot game changing new spherical images at any time, capturing more than they ever imagined. In response to popular demand, the new model enables Wi-Fi transfer that is almost twice as fast as the previous model as well as spherical video capture, all with the same small, lightweight and easy-to-carry design as before. Video image conversion processing can be performed on a computer after shooting, enabling users to enjoy up to 3 minutes*2 of spherical video footage that will make them feel like they're right there. Users can also choose from four body colors, providing a more fun and attractive tool to carry around every day.

An API (Application Programming Interface) and SDK (Software Development Kit) (beta version) will be released on along with the release of the new RICOH THETA. Users can now develop their own original apps to configure various settings and perform various operations using the RICOH THETA. By developing their own apps, users will be able to add new exciting capabilities to their RICOH THETA. Ricoh looks forward to broadening the range of enjoyment available through this unique device.

*1…The first consumer product that allows the entire area around the user to be captured in one shot, instead of simply taking horizontal panoramas or semi-spherical shots. (As of October 2013. Ricoh research)
*2…Upload to sharing sites is up to 5MB, about 6 seconds (1280 x 720 pixels)

Product Name


On-Sale Date

Product Color

(Model name: RICOH THETA m15)

Open pricing

November 14, 2014

White, pink, yellow, blue

Accessories: USB cable, case

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*Wi-Fi is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance.