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Case Studies

Interactive Whiteboards

Sanei Hytechs Co., Ltd.

High quality design meetings with global
collaboration and new employees training
by using the RICOH IWB.

Interactive Whiteboards Case Studies

Sanei Hytechs Co., Ltd.

High quality design meetings with global collaboration and new employees training by using the RICOH IWB.

Purchase items:

RICOH IWB x 6 sets in Japan.
One set each in China and Vietnam.


Customer profile:

Industry: Manufacturing (LSI and its software developments)
348 employees in Japan. There are three branches in Japan, and one each in China and Vietnam.


RICOH IWB greatly improved productivity and quality of our remote design meetings and new employees training.

The customer has a headquarters in Hamamatsu and branches in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya in Japan and in China and Vietnam overseas. It jointly develops custom LSI and its software and related devices at those locations. By using the RICOH IWB, the customer improved productivity and quality of remote meetings between branches.

With 90% of employees being engineers, the customer also started using RICOH IWB in its six-month new employee trainings. By showing the IWB screen on the displays of desktop PCs, trainees can understand the content faster and more deeply than before.

Mr. Mabuchi, President
Customers Issues RICOH solution
Remote meetings

Previous online meeting system was hard to set up and not stable.

It was difficult to explain design concepts by just presentation sharing.
Time loss was reduced thanks to easier and faster startup and stable connection.

Communication quality was improved by annotation ability.
New employee training

It was difficult to see content written on the whiteboard from back-row desks.

Trainees could not focus on lectures as they were viewing PC screens.

Trainers wanted to have more flexible solutions than available by whiteboards to improve lecture quality.
Whiteboards were replaced with RICOH IWB. Textbooks are displayed on the IWB and shared to trainee PCs so everybody is able to see information smoothly.

By annotating the displayed textbook, training quality is improved and trainees’ focus is also increased.

The web browsing function of the RICOH IWB solved complex issues.

The customer says that RICOH IWB remote screen sharing is more stable than the web-based solution used before since it connects to the company intranet. Moreover, it is easier and faster to start remote screen sharing, so setup time is reduced. Also, thanks to the annotation feature, design concepts and ideas can be explained easier. In this way, the RICOH IWB greatly improved remote meeting productivity and quality.

RICOH IWB is also used now for new employee training. The textbook is displayed on the RICOH IWB and explanations are given with annotations. Since the IWB screen is shared with PCs, trainees siting at the back of the room are able to see it clearly and focus on the lectures. Also, trainers can explain by writing remarks on the IWB screen, thereby improving lecture quality.

Mr. Tamura,
Assistant Manager of R&D

Since it is easy to start and runs stably, remote meeting productivity is increased and development cycle shortened too.


In design meetings, design concepts and ideas are explained with annotations. This encourages discussion and makes clear action items and priority. Meeting productivity and quality are thus greatly improved.


In new employee training, the IWB screen is shared with each PC. Trainees can focus on the lecture more, and the trainer can also improve lecture quality with this RICOH IWB feature.

  1. Easier and more stable remote screen image sharing.
  2. Web browser remote sharing feature for sharing with many PC.
  3. Smooth annotation feature.
  4. High resolution and zoom feature to display design drawings with many fine lines.
  5. Quick response and real-time image sharing in remote meetings.

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