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Ricoh has been actively promoting remote working across its own workforce for many years. We use our own digital services to help make the transition to remote working a smooth process and to empower our employees and customers to continue to work smarter. It's that expertise we’ve developed over the years that has helped streamline the overall process of working in today’s “new normal.”
Ricoh is committed to helping remote workers continue to do their jobs effectively and securely, while taking the proper precautions to remaining healthy and safe during this global pandemic. We continue to encourage new ways of working in order to deliver the services and meet the needs of our customers, as they expect from their team at Ricoh.

Supporting the “new normal” of remote work everywhere

In response to requests from the Japanese government and local governments to support more remote working, many companies are being challenged to support their employees with the right tools and technology that is required for effective remote working. Within Japan, Ricoh is providing dedicated "remote working packages" to customers, which combine ICT equipment and services to help small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises alike effectively conduct their business remotely. Ricoh, which has a nationwide sales and service organization in Japan, has over 80 years of experience in digital services and in recent years has actively implemented solutions to empower remote workers. These include services and applications that help achieve operational efficiencies, maintain high-levels of security in cloud environments and support multi-device usage – including mobile phones, PCs and tablets.

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Connecting people virtually within a truly immersive experience

Ricoh has been offering a 60-day free trial of the THETA service in Japan, which allows visitors to show off schools, homes, and products remotely via our virtual reality tours service. Due to the spread of coronavirus, many restrictions have been introduced which limit the movement of people and size of gatherings. With THETA, organizations can show off their campuses, showrooms or homes enabling users to get a real feel of the facility.
By using this service, it is possible to have a fully immersive, 360 degree interaction, so you can look up and down, and left to right and so on. This creates an experience that is significantly more realistic than a flat photograph. We are creating new opportunities for people who want to introduce their facilities or products to customers during a time where in-person visits are not always an option.

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Free distance learning service for schools and universities

After the Italian government ordered the closure of schools and universities on March 4 to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Ricoh Italy provided a 30-day free distance learning service for all educational institutions across the nation.
With Ricoh technology, it’s easier for teachers to hold classes via video conferencing that is accessible from computers, tablets, and smartphones via browsers and free apps. In addition, distance learning can connect up to 50 devices at the same time, enabling chat and screen sharing. After streaming, students and teachers will be able to archive and use the lessons later. Ricoh Italy is proud to support the students of Italy and those who will create country’s new future.

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