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Support on the healthcare frontlines

Many healthcare professionals around the world are working hard to combat coronavirus. In order to support this undertaking and those on the frontlines, Ricoh has been working diligently to apply our expertise and resources to make a contribution now more than ever, especially in the areas of healthcare.
Face shields/visors are being produced using 3D printers and other devices to address the problem of shortage of masks on the healthcare frontlines. In addition, Ricoh has been donating masks across the world.

Provision of face shields to medical institutions

Ricoh UK Products Ltd. (RPL), a manufacturing and business development organization based in the UK, began production of face shields using Ricoh’s 3D printers. They are currently supplying 40,000 face shields per week to the UK’s NHS (National Health Service) and additional personal protective equipment (PPE) around the world.

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Following the success of RPL, we expanded production of face shields to our factory in Atsugi, Japan. We are deploying teams rapidly with the aim of supplying 8,000 face shields free of charge to Japan’s medical institutions specialized in infectious diseases by the end of May.

Providing face shields worldwide - Argentina, New Zealand and Italy

Ricoh Argentina worked in partnership with a university where Ricoh installed a RICOH Creator Lab to manufacture face shields using 3D printers. We provided all the necessary raw materials to enable the production of 100 face shields each week. These face shields are now being distributed to people working on the healthcare frontlines to combat coronavirus. The face shields, made of acrylic material, help protect healthcare workers as well as reduce the risk of infection.

About RICOH Creator Lab

In New Zealand, we are using a 3D printer located in Ricoh New Zealand’s Logistics Centre to produce a head mounted face shields to support frontline healthcare workers.

Ricoh Pitch In With 3D Printing

In Italy, the RICOH Pro T7210 is being used by a Ricoh customer to manufacture face shields, and Ricoh Italy is providing on-going technical support.

Donation of N95 masks to medical institutions

Ricoh Japan donated 2,000 N95 masks from supplies stored by the company for emergencies to Saiseikai Central Hospital in Tokyo and Mita Hospital, International University of Health and Welfare. There is a serious shortage of N95 masks especially on the healthcare frontlines. When Ricoh personnel delivered the masks to the medical institutions they were informed that they are still shortages of essential PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), but receiving gifts like these was really helping to overcome these challenges.

3,200 masks donated to medical institutions

In response to requests from local emergency response centers and other organizations, Ricoh Industry France S.A.S. donated 3,200 FFP2 masks. A mask is essential for the day-to-day performance of medical and ambulance workers and this gift is supporting their essential daily work. The Alsace region of France, where Ricoh Industry France is located, is one of the most severely impacted areas in France with the coronavirus.

Ricoh’s business

A pivot to address local community needs

MAC Specialties, a US-based commercial printer, has traditionally been a manufacturer of sports memorabilia. But when coronavirus began to spread locally, Mark Cohen, founder and CEO, took the resources he had with his Ricoh equipment, and began producing face shields and signage thanking the heroic essential workers on the frontlines keeping society running. These efforts continue on today using a RICOH Pro TF6250.

Thanks and support from Ricoh’s Three Loves Center in downtown Tokyo

In order to express our gratitude to all healthcare professionals and others involved in the fight against coronavirus, we have been projecting words of appreciation on a blue background across 7 stories of our Three Loves Center in downtown Tokyo. In partnership with the Tokyo-wide ‘Blue Light Up Program’, we aim to acknowledge the tremendous efforts and support of all frontline workers helping to combat the impact of coronavirus. The Three Loves Center shows the blue-colored projection every day for 10 minutes starting at 7:00 p.m.

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