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Important: New firmware released for RICOH Interactive Whiteboard

November 27, 2018
Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Ricoh understands the importance of security and is committed to managing its products and services with the most advance security technologies possible for our customers around the world. We have recently identified a potential vulnerability risk associated with some of our Interactive Whiteboards (RICOH IWB). Although the risk is low, some versions of RICOH IWBs are vulnerable if a malicious third party gains physical access (in person) to the product and directly connects their computer to the RICOH IWB. We have released this firmware upgrade to mitigate this low vulnerability and are requesting all customers impacted to take the following action to further secure their products:


1. Models that are potentially subject to the vulnerability

  • D5500, D5510, D2200 models running firmware versions before Ver. 2.2
  • D5520, D6500, D6510, D7500, D8400 with the RICOH Interactive Whiteboard Controller Type1 running firmware versions before Ver. 2.2
  • D5520, D6510, D7500, D8400 with the RICOH Interactive Whiteboard Controller Type2 running firmware versions before Ver. 3.1.0

2. Upgrade Steps

2-1. Apply the latest firmware version

Please download and install the latest firmware version from the RICOH IWB's firmware download page – see instructions below. (In order to avoid a recurrence of this issue, you can select “Update system from network on startup”, in the Admin settings, and then the latest firmware version will automatically be installed on your RICOH IWB. We recommend this setting for all RICOH IWBs.)

2-2. Run your RICOH IWB behind a secure firewall

We strongly recommend operating your RICOH IWB behind a secure firewall. Please change the settings on your RICOH IWB to use a private (local) IP:

2-3. Change Administrator Password

If you are using the administrator password which was provided when you first installed the device, please change the password immediately to ensure additional protection.

3. Further information

Should you encounter any difficulties implementing the steps above, please don't hesitate to contact your local Ricoh representative for further support.