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Development of Education Support Program in India
— Support for Building a Network for Learning —

The Education Support Program starts this fiscal year in rural areas of India, advanced by Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Save the Children Japan in collaboration with India sales company Ricoh India Limited and Save the Children India. As part of this, 10 digital duplicators, which will be used at education sites, are being donated to schools and the local Educational Bureau in the Medak District in Andhra Pradesh State in Southeast India. People involved in this activity were invited to a commemorative ceremony held at the Educational Bureau on October 29.

This program is a new type of activity, which adds a marketing aspect to contributions to society. Donated digital duplicators will be used for printing education materials, local notices, etc., contributing to improve the education environment. At the same time, this will focus on understanding printing needs at education sites in rural India, and their use in market development in an emerging market. Thus Ricoh intends to combine contributions to society with marketing activities, leading to continual contributions to society from a medium and long term perspective. (Donation certificate presented to Medak District Education Officer (on right))

Donation certificate presented to the head of the Educational Bureau in the Medak District (on right)

Donation certificate presented to the head of the
Educational Bureau in the Medak District (on right)
The digital duplicator to be donated (DX2430)

The digital duplicator to be donated (DX2430)

This program will also continually work on support activities to improve the education environment, especially at the schools where duplicators were donated. It will provide training to strengthen the school management committee at over 63 schools in the Hathnoora Mandal zone of Medak District, establish children’s associations, etc. The plan is to continue this program for three years, and use digital duplicators to support work to independently improve the education environment of the local community. This aims to further improve the quality of education, and help more children to continually attend school.

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Nov 30, 2011

Ricoh Company, Ltd.