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Black Rams rugby player Tamati Ellison visits Kosei Gakuen
Girls’ Senior High School

On July 26, New Zealander Tamati Ellison (a former All Blacks), and currently a star player with the Ricoh rugby team, visited Kosei Gakuen Girls’ Senior High School in Tokyo, where the Black Rams’ practice ground is also located. He participated in an English class and assisted the teacher.

At the request of Sara Jespersen, the English teacher at the high school, Ricoh sent the renowned player as part of its activities to contribute to the local community and education in the area of corporate sports.

Thirty-nine first graders in the high school’s overseas study course will go to New Zealand next January and live there for one year. The aim of Ellison’s special lesson was to help the students prepare for their studies overseas. In addition to a Q&A session, they went and played rugby in the schoolyard.

The lesson was held in English only. The students asked Ellison many questions. Based on his experience, he explained the traditional culture, lifestyle, and sports of New Zealand so that the kids were able to learn about these things in a fun way. The students provided the following feedback: “I learned that consistently making small efforts achieves great results in study, life, sports and everything else you do.” “Before I met him I was slightly nervous about going to New Zealand. Now I am looking forward to it.” “We found the words of a rugby player with an international career very meaningful.” Ellison was also pleased to have the opportunity to help deepen students’ understanding of New Zealand by communicating directly with them.

Self-introduction (Sara Jespersen is on the left)

Tamati Ellison participates actively in the class

The girls learn the basics of rugby

Photo shoot

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July 29, 2011

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