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Ricoh Turns Off Signage All Over the World
With the Exception of 100% Eco-Powered Billboards in New York

Tokyo, May 31, 2011—As part of “Ricoh Global Eco Action,” Ricoh (President and CEO: Shiro Kondo), will turn off the lights on all billboards, Ricoh logo signboards and night lighting in the facilities at all Group companies around the world on the night of June 3(*1), two days before June 5, which is United Nations World Environment Day (in Japan, the lights have been switched off since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami). The 100% eco-powered billboards in New York City will be excluded. Further, the month of June will be named “Ricoh Global Eco Action Month,” with the aim of widespread, sustained Eco Actions by Group employees around the world.

“Ricoh Global Eco Action” began in 2006 as an environmental event for enhancing awareness among Group company employees worldwide and promoting environmentally friendly thinking and actions. The theme of this year’s actions is “THINK & ACT.” Employees are encouraged to focus on energy conservation at work and at home, host and participate in environmental events, and take other actions that reflect each individual’s concern for the environment.

In Japan, we are required to come up with initiatives to carry out business activities on less energy because of the power shortage stemming from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11. Ricoh Group companies have already switched off billboards and logo signboards, and are responding with a variety of energy conservation measures. This year, in particular, we are calling on Group employees in Japan to introduce energy conservation measures in their homes.

Ricoh Group companies have organized their own Eco Action campaign in each country every year. The activities have become more substantial year by year. Ricoh continues with the Ricoh Global Eco Action expanding its environmental conservation movement from Group employees to their families, friends, business partners and clients.

(*1) Every year Ricoh turns off the lights on June 5 , United Nations World Environment Day. However, since June 5 falls on a Sunday this year, the preceding working day, June 3, is set as the eco action day for the entire Ricoh Group, and the lights will be turned off on this date.

May 31, 2011

Ricoh Company, Ltd.