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Ricoh MFPs Earn Common Criteria Certification Conforming to IEEE 2600.1

Ricoh, a global leader in digital office solutions, successfully obtained Common Criteria certification conforming to IEEE 2600.1, an international standard for IT security products, for Aficio MP2851/3351/4001/5001.

Ricoh is committed to developing security features for its multifunction products (MFPs) and printers, designed to help protect printed and electronic data contents against opportunistic or targeted threats.
In March 2010, Ricoh’s MFPs for the Japan market became the first in the world to obtain CC certification conforming to IEEE 2600.1. This is the first time for Ricoh to obtain the certification for its overseas models.

The Common Criteria verifies whether security functions provided by IT products are properly implemented. This verification also applies to processes for product design, manufacturing, and delivery. However, the functions to be evaluated for Common Criteria were defined by each manufacturer. Major copier manufacturers in the industry participated in discussions to regulate the Common Criteria certification acquisition functions. IEEE 2600 is an international standard that was compiled as a result of those discussions. The IEEE 2600 defines requirement specifications for office use as well as government use where an even higher level of security is required.

Ricoh will continue to obtain Common Criteria certification conforming to IEEE 2600.1 for other products, and will pioneer in the development of new security features, providing customers with enhanced office security.

April 12, 2011

Ricoh Company, Ltd.