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Ricoh Releases "App2Me", an MFP
Widget-Based Solution for the Cloud Computing Age

Tokyo, November 4, 2009---Ricoh Company, Ltd. (President and CEO: Shiro Kondo) will provide "App2Me" solution globally from the middle of January 2010. The solution enables businesspeople to easily scan and print from their own IT terminals, primarily using a Multi-Function Printer (MFP) ."

Advanced Web applications brought us the Age of Cloud Computing (Cloud), where we can use applications offered as services on demand from the Internet without installing the software on our computers. Varied applications, such as storage and information sharing, CRM, personnel management and payroll calculation in many businesses have become available on Cloud. Ricoh has adopted the widget style to enable MFP use by merely downloading a widget to personal IT terminals without any special setup. Our research convinced us that MFPs adapted to the Cloud environment will rapidly expand the range of information use and improve user-friendliness as well as development efficiency.

The widget lineup must be expanded in alignment with various applications on Cloud to maximize "App2Me" in the Cloud environment. Toward this end, we will promote widget development, in addition to individual development by external resources, by disclosing our technical know-how of "App2Me" to contracted partners. Beyond that, we will cooperate with Cloud service providers.

In the context of the new "solutions revolution", Ricoh introduced an "App2Me" widget today (November 4th) at "Google Enterprise Day 2009 Tokyo," . The widget aligns MFPs with "Google Apps." In addition Ricoh will activate sales operations globally as a "Google Apps" reseller starting with Japan.

<Outline of "App2Me">

The "App2Me" solution provides functions in widget form, allowing MFPs to be used efficiently in concert with services on Cloud. The widget offers varied functions, without special setup on the MFP side. Users merely download the "App2Me" widget from the "App2Me" widget site to their IT terminals, such as private PCs, smart phones, etc. For example, an MFP can easily be used on dedicated setups any place an MFP adapted to "App2Me" is installed. Beyond that, documents can automatically be saved to the data storage area on Cloud merely by scanning them on the MFP and aligning "App2Me" with Cloud applications.

Ricoh will start providing applications for the "App2Me" in mid-January 2010.

*The company names and the product names which are inserted in our news release are the trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

November 4 2009
Ricoh Company, Ltd.