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Corporate Governance Structure

  • The Ricoh Group has introduced a corporate audit system.
  • The Board of Directors is responsible for management oversight and important decision making concerning Group management. By appointing highly independent outside directors, the Group ensures greater transparency in its management and decision making.
  • Four of the Board’s eleven directors are outside directors—part of an effort to incorporate various views and opinions and to eliminate arbitrary decision making in management.
  • Audit and Supervisory Board members hold discussions to determine audit and supervising policies and the assignment of duties, and monitor corporate management.
  • Audit and Supervisory Board members attend all important meetings, including but not limited to Board meetings, and exchange information regularly with the representative directors.
  • The Audit and Supervisory Board Members Office, with designated support staff, has been established to ensure that the Audit and Supervisory Board members can work effectively.
  • Under the executive officer system, the authority to carry out business has been assigned to respective functional departments so as to expedite decision-making and clarify the roles of each department.

Board of Directors and Audit and Supervisory Board

  • Board of Directors
    Maximum number of directors: 15
    Current number of executives: 11 (including 4 outside directors)
    Term: 2 years
  • Audit and Supervisory Board
    Maximum number of Audit and Supervisory Board members: 5
    Current number of executives: 5 (including 3 outside Audit and Supervisory Board members)
    Term: 4 years

(As of June 17, 2016)

Group Management Committee

The Group Management Committee (GMC) consists of executive officers and is a decision-making body empowered by the Board of Directors. The GMC facilitates deliberations and renders decisions on the Group’s overall management from the perspective of total optimization.

Nomination Commitee and Compensation Committee

As part of the strengthening of management oversight functions by the Board of Directors, "Nomination Committee" which is chaired by Non-executive Director, with the majority members being Outside Directors and "Compensation Committee" which is chaired by Outside Director, with the majority members being Outside Directors are established to ensure transparency and objectivity of nomination, dismissal and compensation of Directors and executive officers, etc. And the Board of Directors Office is set up to support the Board of Directors, driving robust decision-making and ensuring transparent management oversight.

Internal auditing

The Internal Management and Control Division, which is in charge of internal auditing, objectively reviews and assesses the status of business execution by respective business divisions according to clearly defined rules to ensure legal compliance and adequacy of execution practices. It also provides advice and recommendations for improvement. The results are regularly reported to the GMC’s Internal Control Committee.

External auditing

Ricoh has formulated a set of guidelines called the “Policy and Procedures for Prior Approvals for Audit and Non-audit Services.” In accordance with these guidelines, advance approval must be obtained from the Audit and Supervisory Board members concerning the details of and fees for auditing contracts.

Executive compensation

In its pursuit of increased shareholder value, the Ricoh Group employs executive compensation as an effective incentive to achieve a sustainable increase in corporate earnings over the medium and long term.
The base salary of directors consists of remuneration related to management oversight, remuneration reflecting the importance of individual roles and responsibilities, remuneration for the purpose of purchasing treasury stocks (except for outside directors), and variable remuneration linked to stock price performance during the relevant fiscal year. The Ricoh Group has been strengthening incentives for executives to increase shareholder value over the long term by allocating a portion of remuneration for stock repurchase so that executives will have a common interest with shareholders.
The amount of bonuses paid to directors is based on the attainment of key performance indicators—such as sales, operating income and ROA—that pertain to shareholder value and the company’s competitiveness. Proposed bonuses for directors are brought before the general shareholders meeting for approval.
Compensation paid to the Audit and Supervisory Board members is composed solely of remuneration for their auditing duties.

Executive compensation for fiscal 2016

Category Number of persons Total amount of compensation, etc.
(Millions of Yen)
Total amount of each type
(Millions of Yen)
Basic salary Bonus
Directors(excluding Outside Directors) 7 479 356 122
Audit & Supervisory Board Members
(excluding Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members)
2 52 52 -
Outside Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members   5 59 59 -
Outside Directors 3 43 43 -
Outside Audit & Supervisory Board Members 2 16 16 -
Total 14 591 468 122

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[Compensation for external accounting auditors]
Ricoh verifies the appropriateness of time spent on auditing together with audit firms and certified public accountants (CPAs), taking into consideration the scale and characteristics of our businesses to determine final compensation for auditing services.

Compensation for auditing by external accounting auditors for fiscal 2016

Category Fiscal year ended March 31, 2016
Fees for audit services
(Millions of Yen)
Fees for non-audit services
(Millions of Yen)
Ricoh Company Ltd. 207 -
Consolidated subsidiaries 126 -
Total 333 -

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other fees

Fees for audit services and non-audit services paid the Company and its subsidiary to KPMG, which belongs to the same network as the Company's accounting auditor, were \1,364 milliion and \213 million respectively.