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Embedded Software Architecture

Organizations get full benefit from Java Application development when used to integrate MFP devices and Laser Printers with existing workflows.

Ricoh MFP devices and Laser Printers can now be built into an organization's IT infrastructure with powerful results.
Customized Java-based solutions hosted on Ricoh's "Embedded Software Architecture" provides the platform necessary for Systems Integrators, Independent Software Vendors, and In-House Developers to build tightly integrated solutions streamlining customer processes and document handling.

Application development is dramatically enhanced with "Embedded Software Architecture"

Ricoh's "Embedded Software Architecture" is an open, scalable platform with multiple benefits: It is Java-based, an object-oriented development language with rich network interfaces; allows for tighter integration with MFP devices and Laser Printers; and developed applications can be easily and cost effectively migrated across multiple platforms. As a result, various customer needs can be met quickly and efficiently.