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Embedded Software Architecture

Embedded Software Architecture

"What if it was possible to...?" Ricoh technology - moving ideas forward.

Customized Java-based solutions hosted on Ricoh MFP Devices and Laser Printers

In the modern office environment, traditional standalone single-function output devices like copiers and printers have evolved into networked multifunction input/output devices. Office equipment is now an essential component within the communication framework of computer networks, and Ricoh wants to take them even further.

To improve efficiency around enterprise workflows, Ricoh has created "Embedded Software Architecture", a J2ME-compliant application development platform, to meet customer's unique business requirements.

Embed applications on multiple Ricoh Devices

Ricoh's "Embedded Software Architecture" open platform offers optimum versatility. For example, an embedded Java application might scan a document to a MFP Device, identify the title, and automatically send it to the appropriate location. It is also possible to reduce network traffic by having a Printer share part of the print data process that the server has been performing.


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