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Embedded Software Architecture

Feature Summary

Print feature

Printer print functionality and MFP Devices can be controlled. For example, image or print data received from the network host can be specified to use a certain feeder tray, or a particular post process.

Scan feature

Scanner functionality of MFP devices can be controlled. For instance, scanned image data can be saved, or delivered via the network.

User interface

Operation buttons and display panel of a MFP Device can be controlled as follows:
  • - rawing text and graphics on display panel
  • - Handing operation buttons
  • - Controlling LED display


Ricoh's "Embedded Software Architecture" is designed to maintain application compatibility across multiple MFP Devices and Laser Printers now and in the future.


Development environment

Install CD

  • - MFP/LP class
  • - Emulator
  • - Sample program
  • - Documents (Tutorial, API manual)

SD card

  • - Java VM
  • - Application Loader