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Ricoh Sustainable Products Program (RSPP)


“Ricoh Sustainable Products Program” achieving both “Design for Environment” and “Design for Customer”

Ricoh Group is making concerted efforts to enhance sustainability under the new activity slogan: Driving Sustainability for Our Future. This slogan embodies our robust determination to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by providing new value created through business. In April 2016, we started “Ricoh Sustainable Products Program” to provide customers with products and services that can further contribute to enhancing sustainability. As well as being utilized to improve our capability to make proposals to customers, this program offers a mechanism to assess and improve Ricoh’s products and services based on our own criteria. This assesses “Design for Environment” (environmental performance) and “Design for Customer” (Usability, Comfort and CSR) with an eye to promoting technological development to further enhance sustainability. To assess individual products and services, criteria are provided for each product group with respect to the six axis, namely, (1) Energy Efficiency, (2) Resource Efficiency, (3) Pollution Prevention, (4) CSR, (5) Comfort, and (6) Usability(Eco function), to make a comparison with the respective predecessor models. Based on the assessment results, products deemed sustainable are certified as “Sustainable Products” and those products judged particularly excellent are certified as “Sustainable Products-Premium. (Click here for the certification conditions in detail.) Ricoh Group will effectively utilize this program to steer manufacturing such that all products can meet the criteria for “Sustainable Products” by 2020, thus more effectively contributing to enhancing the sustainability of our customers.
Our “Mission Statement” in The RICOH Way is “At the Ricoh Group, we are committed to providing excellence to improve the quality of living and to drive sustainability”, which is our essential guide to each daily activity and management decision. To achieve this "Mission Statement", we assess products and services by our own strict criteria, and certify sustainability performance and feature by ourselves in “Ricoh Sustainable Products Program”.

Concept of Sustainable Products
Target of the Change in Sustainable Products Ratio