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Global News / History – 2015



Excellency Prize is won in "Non-nominated Award on Business & Biodiversity" selected by WWF Japan

Ricoh won Excellency Prize in "Non-nominated Award on Business & Biodiversity" selected in its unique viewpoint by WWF Japan (Public Utility Foundation Corporation: World Wide Fund for Nature, hereinafter WWF).

This Award evaluates business entity that makes advanced effort in the business activity giving a large impact to biodiversity, particularly in raw material procurement; and it backs up efforts by business. Covering publicly traded corporations listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, for environmental reporting documents publicized and detailed information listed on the web site of the corporation, general evaluation is made on the basis of 9 WWF’s unique items and 4 viewpoints. For the corporation that acquired high evaluation, WWF’s unique prizes consisting of Grand Prix, Excellency Prize, Special Prize, Prize for Effort and Rookie Award are given.

Ricoh is evaluated that “it presented in advanced manner the new perspective or hint that many others can refer to, such as development of relationship map on business and biodiversity or regulation on raw materials”; and it has won the “Olive Leaf Prize” which is equivalent to Excellency Prize.

<Outline of Award>
Those covered:
Total 1,818 corporations listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as of July 31, 2014
Method of survey: Survey was made on the environmental reporting documents publicized during the period from December, 2013 to November, 2014 by the covered corporations (including those listed in the consolidated type annual report).
Detailed information other than annual report publicized on the web site of each corporation was also used for evaluation.
Even in the case that the text of guideline/policy was not publicized on the web site, if individual inquiry was responded, it was subject to evaluation.
Items evaluated:
1) Positioning in the environment charter/environmental policy
2) Exclusive policy specialized in biodiversity
3) Positioning in procurement policy or procurement policy specialized in biodiversity
4) Target/Commitment of efforts for biodiversity in the business activity
5) Specific action plan to realize policy, target or commitment
6) Capture of relationship with biodiversity in the business activity
7) Use of various environmental certification systems, with focus on raw material procurement related to biodiversity
8) Mitigation measures against business impact
9) Other efforts in the business (R&D and others)
However, concerning product/service, only those based on various environmental certification systems of 7) above are subject of evaluation survey.
Viewpoint of evaluation:
1. Whether or not described.
2. Appropriateness of efforts
3. Level of difficulty/Aggressiveness of efforts
4. Advancedness of efforts

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