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Global News / History – 2010


Oct. 6, 2010

Ricoh Contracts for Operation and Management of Document Output Environment at COP 10

Managed Document Services (MDS):
Ricoh’s Managed Document Services (MDS) analyzes document input/output at the customer’s site to realize optimum equipment layout and efficient workflow, as well as improved document workflow. MDS relieves customers from managing printing, copying and document services to leave customers free to focus on their most critical tasks.

Ricoh Group Biodiversity Conservation:
Since 1999, the Ricoh Group has undertaken ecosystem conservation initiatives in order to conserve the global environment, most notably its Forest Conservation Projects and its Environmental Volunteer Leader Development Program, the latter intended to inspire group company employees to carry out activities spontaneously in this regard. The group acts with an awareness of the importance of efforts to sustain and improve Earth’s own self-recovery capabilities, rather than simply to reduce the group’s own environmental impact. Ricoh has also proactively promoted its work in this regard, positioning its efforts as “building a wider network,” sponsoring symposia and forming partnerships with other like-minded businesses, to promote such initiatives more broadly. In March 2009, we drafted the Ricoh Group Biodiversity Policy, marking a seminal effort in describing concrete policies for taking biodiversity into consideration when conducting business. Based on this policy, the Ricoh Group strives to reduce the impact that its overall business has on biodiversity, and contributes to conserving biodiversity as part of its corporate responsibility on a par with the three core areas of “energy conservation and prevention of global warming”,“resource conservation and recycling”, and “pollution prevention” for both products and business activities.
  • 1The present agreement was enacted through the mediation of a major professional congress organizer (PCO), a firm that specializes in comprehensively planning, organizing, and managing conventions, and similar gatherings.

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