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Global News / History – 2010

Social Recognition

Feb. 19, 2010

Ricoh Group wins 'Minister of the Environment Award' for Sustainability Reporting

The Ricoh Group has won the Sustainability Reporting Award (‘Minister of the Environment Award’) for its Ricoh Group Sustainability Report 2009, consisting of the Sustainability Report (Environment), Sustainability Report (Corporate Social Responsibility), and Annual Report. The Japanese Ministry of the Environment and the Global Environmental Forum (GEF) in Japan announced the results of the 13th Environmental Communication Awards on February 19.

The Sustainability Reporting Award was previously given primarily to recognize excellence in environmental reporting. However, the selection criteria and scope has been expanded to include social perspectives such as labor safety and sanitation, human rights, employment conditions, regional communities, social contribution, and product safety. The award is now presented to companies that have made commendable efforts to address both sustainability and social responsibility.

The Ricoh Group received Japan’s highest honor, the Sustainability Reporting Award (‘Minister of the Environment Award’), out of a total of 287 candidates.

Ricoh Group was given the award for the following reasons:

The list of winners is as follows.

The Sustainability Reporting Award
Ricoh Group(Grand Prix, ‘Minister of the Environment Award’)
FUJI Xerox

The Environmental Reporting Award
Toshiba(Grand Prix, ‘Minister of the Environment Award’)
Nankai Electric Railway

The Prevention of Global Warming Reporting Award
INAX(Grand Prix, ‘Minister of the Environment Award’)

  • *With its Year 2050 Long-Term Environmental Vision, the Ricoh Group became the first group in the world to set environmental impact reduction Goals for 2050 in three areas: Energy Conservation and Prevention of Global Warming, Resource Conservation and Recycling, and Pollution Prevention. It also clarified its Mid- and Long-Term Environmental Impact Reduction Goals for those areas and strategies and major activities for achieving them.
  • *The reports provide ample disclosure of the Group’s environmental management system pertaining to business activities and products.
  • *The Ricoh Group has demonstrated its understanding of the significance of biodiversity, has clarified its groupwide biodiversity policy, and has launched numerous initiatives as part of its business and social contribution activities. These initiatives are explained in the reports in an easy-to-understand manner using illustrations and photos.
  • *Ricoh is working hard to educate its employees across the Group.

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