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Global News / History – 2008


Jun. 5, 2008

Ricoh Global Eco Action 2008 "Think&Act!" starts.

As a part of energy saving activities participated in by all employees, the Ricoh group is setting June 5—World Environment Day—this year as Ricoh Global Eco Action Day when people should consider and take action for global energy saving. Ricoh group companies around the world will participate, turning off the lights at major facilities and on billboards. Individuals are also being called on to take actions such as turning off unneeded lights.
If all employees and their families across the world work on this together, we can even expand the effect from energy saving to helping preserve the environment as a whole. On this day, we ask everyone to THINK about the environment and to begin to ACT where they can.

  • *This is being done in conjunction with the Japanese Ministry of the Environment's "CO2 Reduction / Lights-Down Campaign: Black Illumination 2008."

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