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Biodiversity Action Handbook

Based on "Ricoh Biodiversity Policy" estabilshed in March 2009, the Ricoh Bidiversity Action Handbook was published for the Ricoh group employees in Japan.

This handbook was designed for people to carry it in their pockets. After duplex printing onto A3 size paper, please fold the paper following "Illustrated folding instruction" into a pocket-size booklet.

Ricoh Bidiversity Action Handbook

* Adobe Reader 8.0 or later is required to view or print this booklet.
* When printing the handbook, in order to avoid upside down print + to print it in the correct size, please set "Page Scaling" to "None" and "Duplex" to "Open to left" in the print option.

Illustrated folding instruction

1.Fold it in half.2.Turn it back.


Fold it in half.


Turn it back.

3.Fold the right & left edges toward the midline.4.Fold once more and you're done


Fold the right & left edges toward the midline.


Fold once more and you're done!