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Where would you aim?

Where would you aim?

The real trick is to hit three targets at once.It's a skill that has served Ricoh well as we have become one of the leading providers of digital office equipment.

Our targets: planet, people and profits. We call them the "Three P's BalanceTM" because we believe corporations must balance all three in order to enjoy continuous growth and development.

Sustainable management is in the Three P's Balance TM
Sustainable management is in the
"Three P's BalanceTM."

We aim to protect the planet's fragile equilibrium-a state where the natural environment is able to restore itself-by setting long-term environmental goals both at our production sites and in our product development.These goals embrace the conservation and recycling of resources,the conservation of energy, and the prevention of pollution.

At the same time, we actively serve people through a commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Being proactive rather than simply reacting to rules and regulations is one aspect of this commitment; encouraging all employees to be environmentally and socially aware is another. By meeting and exceeding the requirements of CSR, we aim to contribute to a greater sustainable society.

And, of course, we never lose sight of profit.After all, a company that is thriving financially is in a much better position to share its ideas, energy and dedication to making the world a better place.

Sustainability indexes

Ricoh is ranked among the world's leading sustainability-driven companies.