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Everything we touch turns green.

Everything we touch turns green.

One thing we've discovered about green is that it really rubs off.
At Ricoh, we work with an environmental management system that embraces green concepts: conserving and recycling resources, conserving energy and preventing pollution. Now we're seeing this commitment rub off onto our suppliers, contractors and customers. Or, as we call them, our "Green Parters."

Of course, we've helped the process along. We encourage suppliers to establish their own environmental management systems, offering handson help if they need it. We also make it a point to share green guidelines and technologies with all our business partners.

As a global leader in digital office equipment, we're in a good position to get the green message out. But it would never spread if it didn't make good sense. Partner companies are realizing firsthand that environmentally sound practices reduce waste and increase business opportunities. Together with eco-savvy customers, we're creating a virtuous cycle of sustainability and profitability.

What's good for the earth is good for business.Now that's a thought worth sharing.